Power of Suffering Podcast

I have added 2 new episodes to Podcast - Power of Suffering 1 & 2
This is one of my favorite topics. In this I have tried to share about things like:

  • Why we suffer
  • Source of suffering
  • Reasons for suffering
  • Purpose of suffering

What should be our reaction when we go through suffering etc
I hope this study will be helpful for all my brothers & sisters in Christ who are going through some sort of suffering in their life.

The Links are:-
Part 1 MP3 :- http://www.gospel-link.com/podcast/GLMEpisode11.mp3
Part 2 MP3 :- http://www.gospel-link.com/podcast/GLMEpisode12.mp3
Pdf :- http://www.gospel-link.com/uploads/Power_of_Suffering.pdf
PPS :- http://www.gospel-link.com/uploads/Power_of_Suffering.pps
PPT :- http://www.gospel-link.com/uploads/Power_of_Suffering.ppt

May God Bless You!
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