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Disappointed in Pursuit of Truth- Spiritually Confused?

Most probably you are reading this post because you searched for some spiritual matter and ended up here. We are living in times when we have so many tools available for gaining information and knowledge about any subject. Internet is a good tool for that. But I am going to share a concern today which you may have also faced in your life.
Now let me tell you something. I was born in a traditional Christian family. I know this term sounds strange to some people as one person once asked –“How can a Christian be traditional?” Well I will talk about it sometime later and let’s get to the point. But when I was 16yrs I got the opportunity to confess my faith in Christ and take water baptism and was part of a Pentecostal church. Since then at times I found it a challenge to accept many practices and teaching of people of different denominations. But I never faced any issue or conflict in regard to what I believed about subjects like sin, justification, sanctification etc.

The messages I u…