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New Year New Expectations & Crisis

So 2008 is over and we are in New year 2009. This year has started in a different way than previous years. We are seeing the economic crisis and people losing jobs. Reports suggest that 1st quarter of 2009 will be tough as more stores are going to be closed and it is predicted that market conditions are going to get worse. People are living in fear of losing their jobs.

But in mist of it we should also notice another crisis. Its the spiritual crisis. We are seeing moral depravity increasing and spiritual conditions going on a lukewarm way. Spiritual circles are floating with false teachings and doctrines and there is large market for such things and lot of people are being deceived. The high standards which believers used to have is being compromised for pleasures. Preachers are afraid to preach on issues which will make them unpopular and make people upset. Everyone wants to attract people and grow in number. In nutshell more focus is on quantity rather than quality.

So many programs…