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Settle you Eternity

The world view Christianity as another Religion. When we read the message of the Bible, we can understand that Jesus didn't come to make a religion but to establish the relationship between God and man.
Let’s look at the earth in which we are living. We see a creation. This creation demands a Creator. We see everything around us designed perfectly. Now this requires a designer. We follow some moral laws as we live in society. This requires a moral law giver. We have a life. This life demands a life giver. Have you ever thought about it? There is a God who is the Creator of this earth. He gave us this life. Bible says that God created man in His own image. But sin separated man from God. God is a holy God and cannot tolerate sin. The wages of sin is death.
But God provided a way so that the relationship between God and Man can be restored. He sent his Son Jesus Christ in to this world. Jesus Christ died on the cross but rose again on the third day. He has promised eternal life for th…