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Thought - Christian Holidays Sidelined

Let me start by saying that I am not writing this to start any debate on this issue since it has many aspects and I don't think we need to waste our time looking into all aspects.

Last weekend was Easter weekend and many sites today had news items related to how Easter holidays are changed into Spring Bunny. On Easter Sunday, Google chose to honor an iconic figure on its front page –called the "doodle"– which of course is viewed by millions around the world.  Many would have expected that figure to be Jesus, or perhaps something related to Easter.

"Merry Christmas" is no more valid and its "Happy Holidays".  I heard a story that someone who came to US from a different country was asked to go for counselling because he was again and again using "Merry Christmas" and its offensive. Good Friday is no longer a holiday.  It's a holiday in a country like India but I worked on that day in US.  I don't want to elaborate on these points sinc…

MPA Bible Study 2013 Day 3 Conclusion

Summary of Day 3

God uses ordinary for extraordinary work. Example Moses, David etcYour background doesn't matter for you to serve God. He can change you life.Be an over-comer of the circumstances that stand against you.When we take a step of faith, God will work in advance.You have to move forward even when obstructions are there.Be an over-comer of disappointments in your life.Be an over-comer of doubt in your life.Be a witness.I can conclude that it was a great time sitting in God's presence and listening from the word of God.

MPA Bible Study 2013 Day 2 Conclusion

Summary of Day 2 Session 1

You attitude in welcoming others and Jesus will make a big difference.Going to church or meeting people won't change anything. Jesus coming in your life bring supernatural work of God in your life.Sitting and listening at Lord's feet makes a big difference.You presence at Lord's feet is more important that what you give.Many have Jesus at home but their life is distracted.Complaining shows our distraction and lack of sitting at Jesus feet.When somethings ends in joy then God takes glory and victory.When something end in fight and strife then enemy has taken victory.Jesus will never become a problem after being invited. If you feel so then Jesus has the solution.Sometimes God allows situation in our to reveal himself. Martha and Thomas only knew as a healer. But death and resurrection of Lazarus proved that Jesus can raise the dead.People who have experienced resurrection power should be different.
Summary of Day 2 Session 2
Resurrection is fundament…