Sunday, February 3, 2019

Gospel Talk Podcast - Christmas Traditions

The first episode of Gospel Talk Podcast is out. The topic is Christmas Traditions.

Some of the questions answered are: -

  • What is the origin of Christmas?
  •  One of the most exciting things about Christmas for kids is Santa Claus. Where does Santa Clause come from? I don’t read about Santa in the Bible.  Can you throw some light on it?
  • What is the actual meaning of the Christmas tree, is it truly symbolic of Christmas? Was there any particular tree associated with the birth of Jesus? Some people say “Jesus died on a tree” (cross) hence they use the tree as a symbolic reference for Jesus, yet others say it relates to pagan rituals or origins?
  • I noticed that at many churches, there are not many decorations up for Christmas, why is that?
  • In the biblical manger scenes, we see three Wiseman with gifts, were there actually three Wiseman because there were three gifts?
  • Are there biblical references on when Christmas actually is because no one truly knows the date, how does this relate to the advent calendar?
  • Why didn’t the early Christians celebrate Jesus birth?  
  • What is the best way to teach our children about the true meaning of Christmas, so they do not get confused with what they are taught in schools?
  • Why couldn’t God find another way to forgive the human race of their sins instead of sending Jesus down to die for us?

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