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Growing trend of Christian Rock and its Effect on Young People

When I write this blog I know that there are people who will read this and feel that I am outdated or conservative. No problem because thats what people who raise their voice regarding things like this are known as. After I became a born again Christian I enjoyed Worship and Christian songs. But after some time I saw a trend catching up among the young christian friends which at times made me uncomfortable. Now I left it to them and never wanted to interfere since who am I to Judge anyones style of worship.
After I came to US I saw this trend more here among the young people in the churches. Well again why should I bother about it if its of some benefit. Recently I had been seeing some christian videos produced from India and some of the worship concerts organized. I also got an opportunity to interact with some young people of this generation and find out what they feel and what the benefit. I also did some research and has come to some conclusions which I want to write here.
When some…