Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Growing trend of Christian Rock and its Effect on Young People

When I write this blog I know that there are people who will read this and feel that I am outdated or conservative. No problem because thats what people who raise their voice regarding things like this are known as. After I became a born again Christian I enjoyed Worship and Christian songs. But after some time I saw a trend catching up among the young christian friends which at times made me uncomfortable. Now I left it to them and never wanted to interfere since who am I to Judge anyones style of worship.

After I came to US I saw this trend more here among the young people in the churches. Well again why should I bother about it if its of some benefit. Recently I had been seeing some christian videos produced from India and some of the worship concerts organized. I also got an opportunity to interact with some young people of this generation and find out what they feel and what the benefit. I also did some research and has come to some conclusions which I want to write here.

When some thing starts harming or destroying then we have the right to speak against it. Thats what we see in the Bible. Elijah and John the Baptist is a good example for that after Jesus Christ himself. So what is it. There is a trend coming up in the form of worship concerts and worship nights which the enemy is using to destroy the real worship. He has achieved to steal the real glory which belongs to Jesus. After seeing one video I felt like crying because I saw a group of young people running towards the worship Leader and jumping and shouting in praise of what he is saying. They are doing it without their knowledge.

Now before going ahead let me tell you what is the argument put forward by the promoters of such pop, rock & smog worship. They say it is to attract young people. What a lie. Let me tell you once thing- Any person attracted to Jesus except because of the cross can never be genuine. Pop, rock & smog cannot attract a person to Jesus in the way God wants.

Now read some testimonies of young people here -

Another thing which bothers me is the fact that most of these so called people end up in a big mess. I have seen that there external apprearence also changes after that. You see them wearing inappropriate cloths, some funny beard style etc. Now you may argue that God is interested in inside. Yes, but what is inside is reflected outside. A person who is humble and whose heart is set on giving glory to Jesus will never try to impress or attract people with his style. He will depend upon the power of Holy Spirit to do the work. Read the gospels and try to understand the real Jesus and can you imagine Jesus conducting such a concert to attract people if he had been living in this time. What has happened is that Christians are taking up things from films and secular rock and pop and trying to bring up a Christian verson of it. You are doing a big mistake if you are trying to do it.

I know of a person. At one time he was my friend and I had regard for him and respected him. But as time passed away I saw him getting slowly in things like this. His style of leading the worship changed. Slowly his life style changed. Slowly his habbits changed. Today he is in a pathetic condition. He may not acknowlege it openly and may pretend as if he is all right but I know that if he go to his room and sit infront of word of God and pray then he will be left crying. He has reached a stage where he is acting spiritual infront of people but is going through termoil inside. He wants to get out but now its difficult. Devil has put him in a trap.

My intention is not to write about any particular person. But before I close this blog let me ask you one question. Are you worshiping God out of emotions and feeling or with a real experience. If you are a person who has gone astray and are leading a double standard life then you have the oppoutunity to return to true worship. You are not going to gain anything by moving ahead with the lie. God can give a break through in your life.
I will write more about this topic. Your valuable comments and suggestions are welome as response to this.

May God Lead you to true worship!

Be Alert: Do not fall into this trap!

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