Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Moral Purity in a Corrupt World

We are living in the information age. People have so many ways to get connected to each other. With the wide spread use of Internet came the popularity of services like email, chat, social networking etc. In many cases, privacy of people is compromised as most of the information about a person can be found out with the click of a button. Sometime ago I was reading an article in a leading Journal as how people check social networking sites to find information about a boy or girl when some marriage proposals come. The downside of all this is that people have access to so much information and materials again at just the click of a button. Most of the things we get at the click of a biutton though is not beneficial. Many times it can becomes dangerous.

A common issue expressed by many young people is their addiction to Internet and especially to the filth which is available free of cost. It's free of cost at times but people forget that they are paying a heavy price in regard to destroying their moral standards and convictions. Recent surveys have shown that many families are shattered and many lives are being destroyed as a result of people becoming addicted to pornography and other things. Sometime ago a friend of mine who is also a counselor shared this sad story with me. A family was almost broken with the husband insisting for a divorce. There was no visible problem. Financially they were doing good. Finally my counselor friend could get to the root cause as why this man wanted divorce. He was so much addicted to pornography that he has lost his sense as what are the acceptable standards in a family life. Earlier in order to get access people had to go out but now things flow into your house through your Internet connection. Now everything is available even on mobile phones and you don't even need a computer.

The subject to which I want to draw your attention is about Moral purity. How important is Moral purity for a young person in this corrupt world. Most of the things in the media and things available in the entertainment sources we have are so much sensual in nature that many times you feel that you are defiled after you read or watch something. I used to visit a news portal/website for years for reading news. But recently I have found that I will have to stop visiting that portal and move to some other for news. What's the reason? I have found that of the late the material they have on their homepage and the visuals displayed doesn't confine to the moral standards expected. Their website traffic may have increased after they have changed because we know that more people often visits sites which will feed their appetite for evil.

Recently we have seen reports of people who were considered as good people in society are caught in crimes which nobody ever expected them to commit. where is the starting point? Most of the time you will find that the it started with people ignoring moral purity. Repeated exposure of filthy things changes your convictions and moral standards. It can drive you towards moral depravity. Many times people who have lost their moral standards or whose moral standards are degraded end up committing crimes which destroy other people's life. Many times young people end up in complete mess from where they don't know how to come out. All this can lead to other problems like drug addiction, physiological and medical problems. We have many examples of people who have ended up in big problems because they allowed their convictions regarding morality to be degraded.

There is a pattern in which people slowly slip. Let me point it out to you here. The first exposure to evil is met with recoil and revulsion or shock. The repeated exposure in small doses will lead to the removal of shock. That will lead to desensitization. Then the person starts overlooking the evil which will lead to the tolerance of evil. Then starts a dangerous phase in which you start liking the evil which leads you to desire the evil. It's not over yet. What you desire , you will start justifying. Then comes the tragic phase which leads you to eventual indulgence in evil and further justification of evil.

Did you see how it works? Something which was received with sock initially ends up with the person getting indulged in the same. If you think then you will find that many things in our life is like that. Little ignorance and overlooking can lead to dangerous consequences.

We all have a life in which we can choose how to live. We can be good people of our society who will lead a life which confines to the acceptable moral standards. Leading a life like that will not only give happiness in our life but also to the people who are around us including our family members, neighbors and friends. On the contrary we can allow all the evil things to influence us and allow the degradation of our moral standards. Leading a life like that will give us pleasure for some time but regret and sorrow for rest of our life. It will not only effect our own life but also the lives of people around us including our family members.

The choice is your's? Will you choose to live a life of moral purity in this corrupt world and make an impact in your society with your life? Or will you allow your moral standards to be degraded? What will you choose?

Be Alert: Do not fall into this trap!

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