Friday, May 10, 2013

Lessons from Ministry Trip

Note:-  I started this post long time ago and it was in draft.  Saw it and thought of sharing.

Last year I went on a ministry trip to India. I got the opportunity to meet and spend time with many people who are doing great work for the Lord. Wanted to share few lessons I learned which I also shared with my church.

  1. Hindrances cannot stop you from accomplishing God’s purpose.
  2. Give your best to God and you will enjoy God's peace and joy in your life.
  3. Challenges are there but God is in control.
  4. Prepared for Ministry in Jail? Someone told me this. You should be willing to go and do ministry in any place God sends you.
  5. God uses weak people also for His glory.
  6. God works beyond our imagination. There are things which are just beyond human understanding and explanation.
  7. Secret of faithful ministry- Prayer, Faith & desire to see hand of God moving among us.
I spoke about it in our church and audio link is

God Bless You!

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