Individualistic View to Kingdom View - Full Paper

Last year I participated in a program at Bethel Seminary and, won the prize for the best paper. Now it is published on their website. Sharing it here since it will give you a perspective on some of my thoughts, struggles many shares, and my views.  I hope it will be a blessing to some of you and help you to view faith and work from a different perspective.

Individualistic view to Kingdom view

As a bi-vocational minister, the difference between my Sunday and Monday is very evident and gets amplified at times.  I see a move towards teams and more collaboration at work. As I evaluate the messages we hear and songs we sing at churches, I feel like we are somehow promoting and going in the opposite direction. Challenges with Individualistic view We live in a culture where independence is seen as superior to dependence on others and people are becoming self-centered, individualistic and have limited their community life to some events. This has affected the church also and we see a struggle to develop deeper relationships or involvement in others lives. Many times preachers are preaching messages which promote individualism more than a community mindset among people. The songwriters have also done the same and majority of the top Christian songs reinforce a me-and-Jesus view of salvation and Christian living when compared to a kingdom perspective with a broader understanding of…


A few days ago, I was waiting at the airport baggage claim to collect by luggage. As I was standing there, the carousel started and baggage’s started coming. I was anxiously waiting for mine to come. It did not come for some time and few thoughts passed through my mind. Will it come? Did the airline mishandle it? Is it lost? What will I do if it does not come? Will I have to buy some clothes and survive?
I had a baggage claim ticket with me but still, I had to wait. Finally, it came and I took it. Once I got it, I moved on and did not think about anything. All my doubt was gone and I was just going ahead.
Wait a minute - does it sound similar to what is happening with our waiting for Jesus Christ?  Yes, he is coming and we wait for him. Sometimes doubt creeps into our minds. Will it happen or it was a myth? Am I going to see it or not?
Well, Bible says in 1 John 3:2- Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when Christ ap…

Teachable Spirit

Pastor George O. Wood, who is the General Superintendent of Assemblies of God shared an incident in one of the book written by him. In the book titled "Living in the Spirit", an incident is mentioned about a lady who used to make loud noise during the church service which was creating disturbance for everyone. She was doing it as if it was done for the God's glory and in her view was a spiritual manifestation. Finally Pastor George called her and her husband to his office and told her to stop it as it was becoming difficult for others and also he did not think that she was doing it in the right spirit. The end of the story is that she left the church in few weeks. An important lesson he shared was that the sign of maturity in a person is how much they are willing to submit to be taught or for correction. In other words do they have a teachable spirit?  
We see lot of people who claim that they are spiritually mature but don't have any inclination or willingness to s…

Construction Work Ahead

Summer is a good time for travel, especially in places where there will be lot of snow during winters. When spring season starts, it always a joy to see greenery everywhere again. When Fall season starts, it's beautiful to see all colors of leaves but there is a feeling that summer is over and it's time to get ready for winter.
One thing we often see during summer time is road work or construction. Sometimes you see miles of road blocked on a highway because of construction. Lot of times construction forces you to take detour. We normally don't like detours because it longer than the normal way. Construction most of the time slows us down. We get frustrated and angry at times seeing the traffic jam. One day I was thinking how if there was no construction done on the roads. We will end up having really bad roads which ultimately will make our commute worse. Few days or weeks of construction makes it usable again with greater comfort. It always feel good when you are driving…

Do Not Neglect Important Things

Your greatest contribution to God’s Kingdom work—and to defeating the Enemy’s efforts against this Kingdom— is to keep up your daily devotions; live a clean, honest, humble, Spirit-filled life; trust God to guard and protect you morally, physically, and spiritually.
Look at this life lesson and ask yourself what elements you need to work on in your own life. Is there anything you can be doing more of or perhaps less of to make you a more fulfilled and happy person in the eyes of God? Take stock of your life as often as you can and work on the areas that need improvement. - Billy Graham
We all get slipped in to busy lifestyles. Today's culture teaches us that being busy is smart. Everyone is busy all the time. One thing which can happen when we get busy is that we may start neglecting important spiritual disciplines in our life. Initially it may not look like a serious matter. Very soon neglecting or not finding time for important things will become a habit in our life. 
We should …

Real Discipline

Discipline is an important subject which is misunderstood many times. We see people take different extreme positions when it come to this subject. Some people just don’t like it since they think that discipline and love of God are incompatible. Look at what the Bible says about this matter.
“For the LORD disciplines those he loves, and he punishes each one he accepts as his child." (Heb. 12:6, NLT) 
So one thing is sure that love of God and discipline are not two opposite ideas. When it comes to dealing with our children and discipline, the Bible says that, “If you love your children, you will be prompt to discipline them.” (Proverbs 13:24). Regarding discipline we have to make sure that we understand why we need to discipline someone. It is not what we do to the person but we do it for the person  and for their own good.  
“The parent must convince himself that discipline is not something he does to the child; it is something he does for the child.”— James C. Dobson
What is Disc…