Saturday, March 30, 2013

MPA Bible Study 2013 Day 1 Conclusion

This weekend we are having a Weekend Bible study at our church. Pr.Biju Mathew from Oklahoma is with us and yesterday night we had a wonderful session. I wanted to post the summary of what we learned yesterday since I felt that the message had lot of things to meditate and learn from God.

Summary of what I learned:-
  • If God knows me and if I am in the center of God's will and if I am led by the Holy Spirit then God will take care of everything in my life.
  • We need to display the character of God in our lives.
  • Prayer alone won't work when it comes to saving people, we also need to speak to them when we get a chance. 
  • It's not based on number of people we have. We need to sow the seed and God will help us to reap at the right time.
  • We say God did not answer my prayers. In reality God answered many things which we did not even ask him. How many ways God opened which we did not expect.
  • We need God to visit us because when God visits our church, people will visit us.
  • We cannot depend on the belief we had yesterday,  we need to rely on God every day and walk with faith.
  • Yesterday's testimony is not going to help us today. We need to have faith in God today.
  • Many times we think God's work is over, but we never know. God works in His time and in His ways.
May God Bless You!

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