First Obey then Teach

We are living in a time when wickedness is all around us. But at the same time we have so many resources to study the word of God. There are so many Bible study tools available that sometimes it becomes difficult to select one. If we search then we get so much of material on different subjects. There are thousands of sermons available online on almost all the subjects we can think of.
Some places so many meetings are conducted with so many preachers and teachers emerging with many thoughts. Many times people also want to hear new things and new thoughts. Otherwise the preacher is not good. That's what they think. Its always good to receive a new message from God. But that should not happen at the cost of us forgetting the basics. Many times we hear so many sermons and so many new thoughts that we forget the basics. But a balanced child of God will make sure that he/she spends quality time meditating on the simple truths found in the word of God. Else there is a chance that we may wander away from the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now I want to bring to your attention a verse from Bible. It's from Mathew 5:19
"So if you ignore the least commandment and teach others to do the same, you will be called the least in the Kingdom of Heaven. But anyone who obeys God’s laws and teaches them will be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven." (NLT)

In this verses Jesus was telling a simple thing but an important thing. If you don't obey and just teach others to do it then there is no benefit of it. You will be least in kingdom of heaven. But if you obey and then teach then you will be great in Kingdom of heaven.
When we meditate of these verses then we can see how true it is. Sometimes the sermons we preach we don't follow. Sometimes we act like a salesmen trying to sell a product even though he himself is not convinced with the product. That's the reason why we fail to make an impact with the word of God in the way it should make. If we don't obey or follow something and still try to preach the same then there is not much benefit of it. The real impact will come when we obey and teach others also.
Let's think of all the things we taught others may be through preaching, group discussion or may be on a one to one basis. Are we able to follow it and obey it? If not then let's change our ways.

Question for you- are you a follower of God's Law or a Salesmen trying to just teach or sell to others what you learned from other places?

The need of the hour is that we need people who will Obey and teach the word of God. We need followers and not just guides.

May God Bless You!
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