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It's almost 3 weeks since I wrote the last blog. I got bit busy with many things. First we had a fasting prayer and then I went to Dallas to attend ICPF Awake Camp 2008. In between I have changed the site to a different server and hence lot of changes are happening in the site. It's not finished yet but I will try to finish it as soon as possible.

Now you can find some interesting stuff already out there. First if you are interested in watching Malayalam Powervision Channel then I have added a link here

There is also a Malayalam gospel movie Arinjittum Ariyathae by IET. The link is . It's out there in the youtube and it has lot of hits and I think its a good gospel movie which explains some of the basic beliefs of born again christians.

I also have links to some live radio stations in Hindi, Punjabi, Malayalam etc. I will be adding it soon and watch out for it. Some of them I am really enjoying and I praise God for enabling those people behind to do things like this. I am plannig to make a real linking site. Time is always a constraint.

Now let me add few things about ICPF Camp. It was a great blessing to be there in the camp this year. There were different sessions for different groups and I am sure that everyone enjoyed it. The organizers did a great job with so many people attending the camp. My estimate is that there were more than 500 people. I got the opproutunity to meet some great men & women of God during the camp. I am sure that meeting some people were divine appointments as I could learn a lot from the life and ministry of many people. The theme of the camp was "Set apart for the glory of God'. Next years camp will be held in Houston.
ICPF is doing a good work among college students in India and now they are growing in US also. I am glad about that as I have few friends who are in the leadership of ICPF. My prayer is that God may continue to Bless and expand this minstry. You can find more information about them at and .

I want to write more about certain things I learned during the last weeks but then that will make this post too long. But I will try to add in the coming days.

May God Bless You!
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