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Holy Spirit in Acts of Apostles (ACTS) Part 1

For last few weeks I had been doing a personal study as well as preaching on a subject which I found to be very helpful and blessing in my own life. Few weeks ago as I had this privilege of studying and meditating on the work or role of Holy Spirit in the book of Acts. There is no doubt that in the book of Acts, we see Holy Spirit work in a clear way than any other book. If you do a search then Holy Spirit is mentioned almost 42 times in 28 chapters of Acts in NIV Bible. It's amazing to see the ways in which Holy Spirit worked in the first century church.

Many times we read the book of Acts and get excited. I have to admit that I have got excited many times after reading few chapters from Acts. The main reason is that we see the work of Holy Spirit manifested through the church and people in a mighty and powerful way. We have to admit that it is our desire also. We also want to see sick getting healed, people coming and asking "what we should do to be saved?", evil spirit…