MPA Bible Study 2013 Day 2 Conclusion

Summary of Day 2 Session 1

  • You attitude in welcoming others and Jesus will make a big difference.
  • Going to church or meeting people won't change anything. Jesus coming in your life bring supernatural work of God in your life.
  • Sitting and listening at Lord's feet makes a big difference.
  • You presence at Lord's feet is more important that what you give.
  • Many have Jesus at home but their life is distracted.
  • Complaining shows our distraction and lack of sitting at Jesus feet.
  • When somethings ends in joy then God takes glory and victory.
  • When something end in fight and strife then enemy has taken victory.
  • Jesus will never become a problem after being invited. If you feel so then Jesus has the solution.
  • Sometimes God allows situation in our to reveal himself. Martha and Thomas only knew as a healer. But death and resurrection of Lazarus proved that Jesus can raise the dead.
  • People who have experienced resurrection power should be different.

Summary of Day 2 Session 2

  • Resurrection is fundamental to a Christian.
  • We should have hope of resurrection in our life.
  • After resurrection we will have glorious body.
  • Just like the birth of a person, resurrection will also be a display of the supernatural work of God.
  • We have a bright future
  •  We should ask God for wisdom before reading the Bible.
  • God observes and listens to our speech.
  • We need to believe in God irrespective of our circumstances.
  • God gives promise and fulfills them.
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