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Individualistic View to Kingdom View - Full Paper

Last year I participated in a program at Bethel Seminary and, won the prize for the best paper. Now it is published on their website. Sharing it here since it will give you a perspective on some of my thoughts, struggles many shares, and my views.  I hope it will be a blessing to some of you and help you to view faith and work from a different perspective.

Individualistic view to Kingdom view

As a bi-vocational minister, the difference between my Sunday and Monday is very evident and gets amplified at times.  I see a move towards teams and more collaboration at work. As I evaluate the messages we hear and songs we sing at churches, I feel like we are somehow promoting and going in the opposite direction. Challenges with Individualistic view We live in a culture where independence is seen as superior to dependence on others and people are becoming self-centered, individualistic and have limited their community life to some events. This has affected the church also and we see a struggle to develop deeper relationships or involvement in others lives. Many times preachers are preaching messages which promote individualism more than a community mindset among people. The songwriters have also done the same and majority of the top Christian songs reinforce a me-and-Jesus view of salvation and Christian living when compared to a kingdom perspective with a broader understanding of…