I am based in MN, USA.I am a Servant of Jesus Christ and also work as Software Professional. I have completed MATS (Theology) from Northwestern College at St.Paul, MN. I am Licensed by Sharon Fellowship church and serve as a Pastor at Minnesota Pentecostal Assembly, a church whose main aim is to make disciples of Jesus Christ who will stand for the word of God in this generation. One of our main focus is to provide a spiritual environment and challenge young people to stand for the Biblical truths in this generation. There was a time in my life when I had no hope and had no reason to live. Questions about my existence in this world troubled me. But I met Jesus and He came into my life. Since then it's been a different story. He gave me peace, joy and reason for living in this world. I could get answers to my questions from his presence. God so loved the world that he gave His only son (Jesus Christ) for us. Now I try to utilize my time apart from my Job to share the good news of Jesus to people. My greatest passion is to live and challenge others to be different in our generation. Yes to be a Godly Generation.Feel free to write a comment if you have any questions.

Be Alert: Do not fall into this trap!

Introduction Recently, a Pastor visited me, and I took him to the Mall of America, the biggest mall in America.  As we were walking, we met ...