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Revival - Pandita Ramabai

I want to write about some of the revivals which the church witnessed. I won’t be writing in detail but will be giving a brief note.Let me start from India and Pandita Ramabai.In schools, it is taught about the Indian social reformer, Pandita Ramabai. She was a poet, a scholar, and a champion of improvement in the plight of Indian women. As a social reformer, she championed the cause of emancipation of Indian women.Her father was Anant Shastri Dongre, a scholar of Sanskrit, and her mother was Lakshmibai. They were a Chitpawan Brahmin couple. Her father taught her Puranic Sanskrit and she made quite a name for herself as a scholar in Puranic circles, earning the name Pandita.Although she was a Brahmin, she married, on 13th November 1880, Babu Bipin Behari Madhavi, a Bengali lawyer at Bankipore (Patna, Bihar), who was not a Brahmin, and this created a stir in the orthodox circles of Hindu society.After her husband’s death she found herself unable to play the role traditionally reserved …

Malayalam Christian Sermon Site

I came across a site yesterday which I had seen earlier also. Its a good site with latest Christian News, Songs, Messages etc. It’s has this years IPC Kumbanad Convention Message also. I hope its this years though I am not sure. You must visit this site if you are looking for things in Malayalam.
The Global Messenger- Malayalam Christian Online Daily
http://www.thegmnews.comIPC Kumbanad Messages are many other things to see in that site.May God Bless the People who are behind it

Persecution in India and Andhra Pradesh

I feel the people in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India are facing lot of persecution these days. I can remember that maximum reports are coming from there. I posted a blog with a video link few days ago and it was about a pastor being beaten in AP.
Now some of the latest news from AP and other places :-Indian Hindu Militants Burn Down Church, Attack Pastors Pastor Tied, Beaten with Wooden Clubs Young Pastor Found Dead in Andhra Pradesh Dubious ‘Reconversion’ Movement Expands Militants Massively Attack Bible College; Christians Injured…

The Lost Tomb of Jesus: Searching the Living among the Dead

James Cameron’s arguments about the Lost tomb of Jesus is gaining popularity. I found this article useful to understand it. God Bless You!

Pastor Beaten in India Video

I found this video of a Pastor being beaten in India for the sake of Gospel Preaching.
May it encourage you to pray for people going through persecution around the world.