True Revival

Few weeks ago I was in Hinton,OK for ICPF Awake camp. It was really good. It was a long drive of 13-14 hrs one side. God kept us safe. Rev. Jacob Mathew & Glen Badonsky were the main speakers and it was a great time of refreshing.
The main points to throw light from the camp:-
This is a generation which needs to be rooted in the word of God.
Rev.Jacob Mathew asked a question during Saturday evening meeting- What answer will you give to any person who asks you about the God whom you serve? Very challenging question when we see the times in which we are living.

Also we had a guest preacher in our church few days ago - Dwight Knight. He gave an awesome message. One point he made in the end I want to say here-
True revival is not when many people starts coming to church but when people from the church starts going out into the world.

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