Godly Generation 1 - Intro & Crying in God’s Presence

This weekend we will be going to Wilderness for Godly Generation Retreat. I am excited about it and I am looking forward to it.

We are about 12 people who will be going to spend some quality time before God. Some of us are fasting and praying this week. We all will be fasting during retreat. What I expect to see is that on Friday when we all will get together then we will not need any time to prepare but will be prepared. Normally we see a trend in camps and retreats that people reach and then the worship team has to bring people to a level. Since we all are matured people I expect that it will not be like that in our case.

Now this is the first email out of few emails I will be sending out this week in preparation for the retreat. I will try to write few things so that by the time we get together we all will have an idea as to what it is.

Four of us were in wilderness few weeks ago for a time of fasting & prayer. God spoke lot of things to each one us and this was one of the many things God asked us to do. Now on the basis of the vision I have about this retreat let me tell you few things. It will be a retreat where we will seek God to receive a clear vision about our life. It will be a time when we will understand God’s call for our life in this generation and understand how we can fulfill that through our life.

We all have this cry somewhere deep inside to do something for God and be used by him. But many times we are unable to rise above the level in which we are right now to press on for greater things. I hope this retreat will provide us an opportunity when God will deal with us and show us the areas in our life where we need to become radical. Yes I mean radical for Jesus.

Since its the introduction message I don’t want to write much but let me share one of my testimony. I got saved in 1997 and took water baptism. It was in 1999 that I received the Baptism of Holy Spirit with evidence of tongues. Life was good and I was involved in God’s work. But in 2001 something happened. I went to a CEM(Christian Evangelical Movement) Camp in Delhi. Its the youth wing of our church. That was a turning point in my life.I can say that it was an encounter with God which transformed my vision about life. If you ask what happened then I don’t have much more to say than one thing- It was a time when I cried a lot. Even during message and after that also. It was the move of Holy Spirit. I don’t remember worshiping a lot or any super natural experience. But I remember that I cried a lot because of the burden which Holy Spirit was placing upon my heart. I have never cried like that before or after that in the presence of God. Afterwards also many times I had an encounter. What happened everytime is a change and new vision. I expect this weekend to be another encounter with God.

One of the signs most of the time I had when I felt the presence of God is Crying. Sometimes it may be because of the burden which Holy Spirit places on your heart and at other times it may be out of Joy which you experience in the presence of God. Every time before I minister, if I am able to shed few tears then I am sure that it will be fire that day. If you ask me what is the most important thing I need before I preach then it is few moments of crying in God’s presence either due to burden for people or out of joy remembering how God has bought me this far.

Jeremiah was a weeping prophet. He was different in his Generation. Do we have the habit of shedding tears before God? I can admit that it is something which I would like to develop as a habit in my life and not something which I do on occasions.

I pray that this weekend will be a time when God will give us the grace to cry because People belonging to a Godly Generation will cry in God’s presence.

Can we spent some time today crying in God’s presence?

May God Bless You!

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