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Presence of God in our Life

Leading a life pleasing in the site of God is every Christians desire. Many times we hear about the presence of God being preached. But most of the time the preacher will be narrating the story of some other great man or women of God who experienced the presence of God in their life.

A wrong idea which has come in the church today is that people have the idea that presence of God is something to be experienced in church or some other special occasions. A idea of experiencing the presence of God always and leading a life in close walk with God sounds like an old fashioned thing for many people. I say like this because if we really had then we wouldn't be doing many things which we do. Now think about things we avoid doing when we are on fasting or when we are in church. When we are in spiritual environment then we avoid many things. But we do the same things when we are alone. Now there seems to be some problem with that. Are we considering God as one among many things in our life …