Pastor Attacked in Jaipur,Rajasthan,India

Another report of attack on pastor in India

What a shameful thing to attack a person infront of his daughter and misbehaving with his wife and that also in the name of religion. This world was created by God and its a very sad thing when we hear such reports. My prayer is that God will give wisdom to people so that they can understand that by violence no one is going to achieve anything. If a person don’t want to hear a message or teaching of other religion then just leave it and go ahead. Why do we hurt and fight with each other. Everyone has the right to speak whatever he/she wants. If you don’t agree with it then just don’t hear. But killing and persecuting in the name of religion is something which I feel is not good.

India is secular country where each indiviual has the right to practice which ever religion he wants. There is no point in trying to stop or forcing anyone into anything.

Message of Bible never teaches anyone to force anyone to follow Christ. Its an individuals decision whether he wants to follow or not.

In Rev 3:20 Jesus says

“Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends. ”

Jesus gives an invitation and says if anyone hears and opens door then He will come in. Jesus never opens any heart’s door by force. So following Jesus is a decision which an individual has to take by himself.

So if there is any forceful conversion then its wrong on biblical basis. But if a person wants to follow Jesus by his own then no one should stop. I don’t understand what people will gain by persecuting. At last they are also human beings.

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