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Few years ago I came to know about CyberMissions. I was greatly impressed with it. I tried doing lot of things and tried to encourage people. Keeping motivation level high has always been a challenge since you never know what's the impact its making. You keep doing it and you never know.

Especially I have noticed that people whom I was targeting are less expressive and don't think of appreciating someone very fast. But from time to time I do get odd emails or responses from people who say that they are blessed. So it's a challenge for anyone who is trying to do any kind of Cybermission.

Podcast hits on shows a good response but I don't hear that much from people. So I don't update new episodes thinking that not many people are listening to it. But Stats gives a different figure. Sometimes I think that if we didn't have stats then I would have stopped doing most of the things I do long time ago. When you do things without expecting anything back, responses from people can mean a lot.

Well during the last 1 month I got some responses about this blog and site. Especially from people whom I never expected will ever read my blog. That just reminds me that all our labor is not in vain. Someone somewhere may be getting benefit out of it.

Today if you are reading this blog then I want to ask you a small favor. Go to any ministry site or blog or resource site you visit often and send an email to the people who are behind it. Just send them a response that you are blessed by their effort. I can assure you that that's the best thing you can do from them. I see websites with videos of messages and other stuff which requires money and most importantly time and effort. Most of them are free. So let the people behind those wonderful ministry sites know that what they are doing is a good job.

Now let me come to the point behind which I taught of writing this blog. Recently I came across a new site . They asked me if I can write blogs from them. I agreed after visiting the site. It has lot of resources. You should visit it.
At this time let me also suggest some sites which has some Malayalam christian resources has links to hundreds of Christian websites. I know this is not the full list. If you know of other good sites then you can add in the comments.

May God bless and help all those people who put hours to convert videos and make other resources and put it on internet with the desire to see other people blessed.

God Bless!
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