Parable Lessons - Two Builders, Wise and Foolish

Parable:- Two Builders, Wise and Foolish

Scripture Portion:- Matthew 7:24-27; Luke 6:47-49

Observations:- The parable follows what Jesus told about last judgement when many will come say about what they did and Jesus will not accept or acknowledge them. They did miracles and wonders. They drive out demons and prophesied in Jesus name. Jesus says that those who hear the words and put them into practice is like a wise builder who built his house upon the rock. When wind and storms came against it, it stood still. Those who hear and not practice are like a man who build his house upon sand. He is called a foolish man. When wind and storms came, this house fell with a great crash.

Practical Lessons:- I need to make sure that I am building my house on the rock on a daily basis. Anyone who hears the teachings of Jesus and follows them is wise. Solid foundation will mean obedience on daily basis. Anyone who hears and ignore is foolish. So following the teachings of Jesus is key to have a solid foundation. This has also to do it the fact that if we will be able to stand during judgement. Some decisions included checking to see "if we are still building on rock" on a daily basis. Our personal walk with God should give us the sensitivity to discern if we are building on rock or sand.


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