Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Announcement – New blog - TheologyAI.com

I recently completed my Doctor of Ministry (DMin) from Bethel University. My thesis was on "Creator God, Humans, and Artificial  Intelligence: Framework to Address Theological and Relational Issues." I worked on this program for more than four years, and I enjoyed the program. I will be focusing on publishing what I learned through his blog in the coming days.

As my research was focused on Theology and AI, I have the desire to keep on writing about what I learned and the new details that are relevant to the topic of AI and theology.  To have a focus on the subject, I have launched a new website  THEOLOGY-AI (EFFICIENT OR HUMANISTIC SOCIETY). You can visit the site by going to TheologyAI.com.

I will continue to write here on other subjects. I will also be updating https://www.gospel-link.com/ with new resources regularly.

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