Immigration Bill

The talk among the people in US these days is about the Immigration Bill. People whose green card is in process, who plan to apply, companies who bring people on H1B etc are all worried and waiting to see the outcome. Lot of things have been said and debated. People who are in US illegally are fighting to get themself legal and those who are legally here are finding it difficult. Only time will tell what will happen. People fear that rules may change and what will happen to their chances of settling down in US. Many feel some rules are unfair and others feel otherwise. The issue finally is about getting citizenship.

Now all this makes me to think about a citizenship which is promised in Bible. Phil 3:20 says “But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ”. Rules for getting citizenship there never changes. Its same for last 2000yrs. Since the time Jesus died on the cross, the heavens immigration office is open 24 hrs and its accepting application 24/7 and is also accepting everyone. No one is rejected there.

But the problem is that people are not considering it because its free and they are not thinking about eternity. People who want to settle in US say that they and their children have a future here. But the question here is have you taught beyond this life.

When we die it is not going to matter as to what was our Visa status or to which country we belong. The only thing which will matter is that whether you have accepted Jesus Christ in your life or not. According to Bible we have only two options and no third option. Either we will go to heaven or to hell.

Have you ever thought about it. Rules of this world will keep changing. Visa rules will change. Climatic conditions will keep on changing. But the only thing which will not change is the Word of God(Bible).

Will you consider thinking about your life for sometime and think about your eternity.

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