Joy - Love Righteousness and Hate Wickedness

We see people running here and there to obtain joy in their life. There are many reasons contributing to the fact that people are finding it more difficult to find quality time or Joy in their life. Many are busy with their work while others are busy even though they don't know why they are busy. This may sound strange but that's the truth. Families don't get time to sit together and at least have a dinner. Television shows or other things take some houses dinnertime. Communications among family members are going down and it is affecting the children a lot. Some how people are not finding joy in their life.

So what is the solution to this. People have found out different ways to have joy in their life. Let me give some examples of most common ways in which people try to get joy. Some think that going out on a vacation is the solution. But what after you come back from vacation. Other people have other ideas like watching a movie, going to a night club or party, hanging out with friends etc. But what after 2-3 hours of movie or party? Then there are many who think drinking and indulging in sinful things give them joy. What they fail to understand is that Joy is not pleasure. Its something different.

I got this definition of Joy from somewhere. It says, "Joy is an essential spiritual practice growing out of faith, grace, gratitude, hope, and love. It is the pure and simple delight in being alive. Joy is our elated response to feelings of happiness, experiences of pleasure, and awareness of abundance. It is also the deep satisfaction we know when we are able to serve others and be glad for their good fortune."

Now Bible speaks a lot about joy. In fact Joy is one of the spiritual fruit expected of a born-again Christian. But many times we see that people don't have this joy in their life. Many things can be said about this subject. But today I don't want to write much. I want to mention just 1 verse from Bible that tells us how to have this joy in your life. The verse is Psalms 45:7

"You love righteousness and hate wickedness; therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy." (NIV)

The formula given here is simple but not followed often. It says that you love righteousness and hate wickedness. Then God will set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of Joy.

Now we can interpret it in many ways. But one thing I learned from this verse is that in order to be anointed by the oil of joy you need to do one thing- Love righteousness and hate wickedness. That’s a requirement. God promises you to place you above your companions.

Now the last thing - We may say that it's very easy. You may be a church going Christian. But hating wickedness requires a deep commitment to follow God. Loving righteousness also requires the deep commitment. We are living in a society and time when a person who love righteousnessand hates wickedness is considered as someone old fashioned and out dated. Pressure is always there to go after wickedness. Few examples are watching movies that has wicked philosophy, watching pornography, using abusive and filthy language etc. Now you may say I don't love these things but I am just ok with it. I am not that conservative.

But here the Bible is asking us to hate wickedness. I don't want to write much but want you to think. Do you really hate wickedness in your life or are you ok with wickedness. Do you really love righteousness or are you just ok about that also.

One way to find joy and joy in abundance that God provides is to love righteousness and hate wickedness.

May God Bless You!
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