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God changes us through Holy Spirit

I was very angry. I had a genuine reason to be angry and wanted to shout. I wanted to say all things which a worldly man would say when he gets angry or mad at someone or something. I barely managed to keep my words to a limit and boundaries of the ethics I follow. At times I wanted to speak out words which I normally don’t use or speak but I know are used by people when they are angry. After this I could stand in front of anyone and justify the reason for me being angry and argue that I was correct and there was nothing wrong. I was sure at I would win my case in any court which may put me on trial for getting angry.

Then came the difficult part. I went to God to pray knowing that I did nothing wrong. I could not pray with my heart, with my lips I could, but my heart and my conscience was wandering. What I knew in theory started arguing with me. I knew theoretically that I should not get angry or shout rather I should always be sober and kind and patient. But the situation made me to …

Thought - Theology and Confusion

Completed a paper on Wesleyan and Reformed theology and tradition. My conclusion - I finished it by grace alone. I reasoned and experienced that it is complete because traditionally people who finish and submit it have completed it. But only my paper can validate if it’s complete or not. In order to validate, you will have to read it and understand. Then your method of reading and understanding may not be same as the way I wanted you to read and understand. So you may read in a different way than I wanted you to understand. I wrote in based on my culture, education, understanding and by circumstances.
If you are confused then I am sorry and you are like me. But if you understood what I just wrote then you are a theologian.
Note:- This is my way of appreciating people who spend countless hours dealing with theological issues.

Thought - Close to God with Heart or Lips

You may say that you prayed today. What about your heart? Did you reach out to God with your heart or just with your lips? In Mathew 15:1-20, Jesus stated what is more important. If we reach out to God only with our lips and not with our heart then we should go on our knees. It is a serious concern which needs to be resolved on our knees. We should not allow fake spirituality to prosper in our life. We should seek God in prayer and meditation of his Word and arrest the growth of fake spirituality and cultivate and nurture true spirituality. What is the test of true spirituality. One simple test is to check if you are close to God with your heart. What dominates your thought life?

Thought - Balance in Theology

Can we embrace love of God and reject His justice? Can we embrace justice of God and reject His love? Can we embrace mercy of God and reject his judgement?   Can we embrace judgement of God and reject his mercy?

Thought - Dealing with others bad behaviors

Every day you hear things which makes you upset or spoil your mood. What to do? Be upset thinking why you can't do anything or just trust in God that He is in control and enjoy the day as a gift from God. Well I am not going to spoil my day because of someone’s actions or word or thought. I will trust more in God and rejoice in Him. Is it easy? No. It becomes easier as you trust God more and believe that He is in full control.

Changes in TNIV and NIV 2011 Versions

Last time I wrote about why Bible versions matter for a student of the word of God. Every believer should be a student of the word of God. Our taste and convictions should be biblical. For that to occur we should spent more time in studying Bible than other things. If you spend more time with TV or internet then you taste buds will be developed for that and your convictions will be based on that. Many people struggle to enjoy God's word and find it very difficult to focus and read it for even ten minutes. There are so many distractions in our life that many times we feel comfortable being busy and spending time on things which feed our flesh and give pleasure to us. So it’s very important that we develop a taste for the word of God if we intend to grow in our relationship with the creator God.

I want to share with you some concerns which will help you to think and guide you as you select a Bible for yourself or for your family. I do not claim to know everything about this but just …

Why Bible Versions Matter

All Christians read the Bible daily or they are supposed to read for growing in their spiritual life. There are many languages in which we do not have a full Bible. There are many in which we only have one version. In English we have many versions. I have 3 or 4 with me and can access more than twenty five online. Bible Gateway has about 25 versions as I am writing. Many times we wonder which one is the best. There are professors of theology who prefer one over another. Some of them even hate other versions. My first Hermeneutics class is next week. So just thought doing some research about it.
My first Bible in English was a NKJV given by my parents. At that time it was kind of luxury for me. Later one person from my church gave me a NIV Bible because he was not using it and gave it as a gift to me which I still have. At that time I knew that there are some study Bibles available but I could not afford one. So I borrowed one NKJV Study Bible from a family which I used to study. Late…

New turn in my Life

In our life we see many turns. Some turns are very sharp but some are just another diversion. One question we should ask ourselves before we take is turn is - "Am I in God's will?"
Many times turns can be new chapters in our lives which we never expected to start. With every new chapter there is an expectation and anticipation. This week I started a new chapter in my life. I started with Master of Arts in Theological Studies at North Western College in St.Paul, MN. It all happened so quick that I could see the blessing of God in this matter.
It was a promise which God gave me many years ago, around ten I think. He said you will study in a Bible college in USA. At that time I couldn't imagine that I will ever study in a Bible College. But years have passed and times have changed. He has finally opened a way for me to study.
It was great to start this program. Some times we think if its necessary for men of God to study to serve the Lord. I now think that to effectively …

Monk Habits for Everyday People

Last week I completed reading my first book this year. I didn't buy it but picked it up from Public Library. When I saw the title i.e. - Monk Habits for Everyday People: Benedictine Spirituality for Protestants by Dennis Okholm, I was curious. I started reading it and I can tell you that after a long time I found a book which was so interesting to me that I finished reading it in a few days. I am not a bibliophile or bookworm. I can't read all books and can see it to completion only if its awakens my interest.I just thought of writing few things about it here. Firstly, if you are a person who gets scared or maybe you feel old fashioned with the word "Monk" then this book is definitely for you! The book is very good in making a person understand what Benedictine Spirituality is and other things which is practiced in monasteries. You will get a very good idea about why monks do certain things. The intent and the reason behind many things can be understood easily. Evang…

Happy New Year 2011 and Message

Happy New Year 2011!
I wish you all a blessed new year. Another year has gone by and we are in a new year. Whenever a New Year starts, people take decisions and we see fresh energy as people hope to do things in a new way. Sometimes it is the decision to read the Bible or pray regularly. Sometimes it is about giving more to charity or going to church regularly. It could also be things like exercising regularly. But if we are not disciplined then the enthusiasm dies in 2-3 weeks and we get back to our previous lifestyle. But the New Year always presents us with an opportunity to start or plan things in a new way. It encourages us to take some new decisions.
At our church (Minnesota Pentecostal Assembly), on New Year eve, I spoke about getting genuine or real in this New Year. Getting real is important to have a consistent relationship with God. Many times people are either thinking or acting below what God has given to them or where God has placed them; sometimes they are thinking above wh…