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New turn in my Life

In our life we see many turns. Some turns are very sharp but some are just another diversion. One question we should ask ourselves before we take is turn is - "Am I in God's will?"
Many times turns can be new chapters in our lives which we never expected to start. With every new chapter there is an expectation and anticipation. This week I started a new chapter in my life. I started with Master of Arts in Theological Studies at North Western College in St.Paul, MN. It all happened so quick that I could see the blessing of God in this matter.
It was a promise which God gave me many years ago, around ten I think. He said you will study in a Bible college in USA. At that time I couldn't imagine that I will ever study in a Bible College. But years have passed and times have changed. He has finally opened a way for me to study.
It was great to start this program. Some times we think if its necessary for men of God to study to serve the Lord. I now think that to effectively …