Tuesday, May 3, 2022

The Results of Sin

I believe that sin has very serious consequences when it comes to the relationship between the sinner and God.
[1] Sin is a very serious matter both to God and to humanity. 

I also believe that sin has far-reaching and long-lasting consequences. It affects our relationship with God and it resulted in divine disfavor. As a result of sin, there is guilt and liability to God’s punishment. Another result of sin is death which has to do with physical death, spiritual death, and eternal death. Sin has its effect on the sinner in a way that he or she becomes enslaved and there is an unwillingness to face reality. It also results in denial of sin and insensitivity to God’s warning and condemnations.[2]   

In regard to man’s relationship with other humans, I believe that sin results in competition, the inability to empathize and love one another.[3]

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