Thursday, September 15, 2022

When I decided to quit!

God created humans as relational beings. We are created with emotions; at any given moment, we can experience different emotions and behave and act based on what we feel. We could be feeling angry, anxious, ashamed, hopeless, lonely, concerned, disappointed, hurt, jealous, stressed, annoyed, bored, calm, confused, tired, curious, confident, excited, focused, happy, ambitious, determined, grateful, included, proud, etc.

Many types of emotions are defined, and if we do not learn to understand and control ourselves, we could make decisions or actions we will regret later. There is a saying that broken glass can be taped together but will never be the same as old. You can try to repair the damages you caused due to your childish attitude or carelessness, but it won't be easy to regain trust. Thinking before you say or act in a particular way is better. The hurt you create may last your entire life.

One of the common human reactions to show displeasure or protest is to withdraw or quit. You try to become passive initially and then try to get out. When we do it, we often want to be back and do it to get attention. If I have to put it plainly, I will say we try to threaten others. Then there are other times when we are serious because we are tired and cannot handle a situation anymore.

In my life, I remember a few incidents when I wrote a resignation letter. Two times, my managers were able to make me withdraw it by giving me a raise in salary. I was serious, but I was taking that step because I felt underpaid. When the issue was addressed, I was back. On another occasion, I decided to move on and my manager asked me what my demand was and offered even to double my salary. At that time, my answer was a plain "NO." The reason was not salary but my goal for life.

There are other times when you feel like quitting when going gets tough and you are disappointed with others' behaviors. You approach everything sincerely, and you have no idea why people react and behave in a particular way. You will question yourself and get a feeling that you may be the reason for the problem and that it is better that you go away. You will feel things will get better if you get out of the picture. It is true in ministry and mainly in pastoral ministry. I had moments when I decided to stop doing everything and then lead a peaceful life. Why take all these burdens of ministry and be a source of discomfort for others? The respect and appreciation you get at your secular workplace are often missing on the ministry side.

I had my moments like Elijah when I decided to quit. It is enough, Lord, and I am no better. Then something happens, and God reminds me of my calling and purpose. I have realized that my current location and assignments are within the plan and purpose of God. God has placed me and assigned it to me. The only one who should ask me to move or quit is my master, who appointed me. The enemy or others cannot decide my moves. I must follow God's instructions as long as I am in His hands. I do not have an option or opinion when I see the bigger picture.

The tree with fruit will face stones. The more fruitful you become, you will be a blessing for many, but also expect stones coming your way. You do not have to focus on the stones. Focus on the one who called you and continue to be a blessing. You will be rewarded for sticking around and not quitting before time.



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