Tuesday, April 12, 2022


I believe that sin is any evil action or evil motive that is in opposition to God. Sin is the failure to let God be God and placing something or someone in God’s rightful place of supremacy.[1] I also believe that the doctrine of sin is very important as it influences all other doctrines. It is also a difficult subject to discuss as people do not want to accept or acknowledge that they are sinners.

    Many people are unable to grasp the concept of sin as an inner force, an inherent condition, or a controlling power. [2] I believe that terms that emphasize the cause of sin are ignorance, error, and inattention.[3] The terms which emphasize the character of sin are missing the mark, irreligion, transgression, inequality or lack of integrity, rebellion, treachery, perversion, and abomination. The results of sin are emphasized by terms such as agitation or restlessness, evil or badness, guilt, and trouble. All of these terms emphasize somewhat different aspects. I believe that sin is basically the displacement of God from our life.

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